Our Eggs

Once the eggs have been laid and collected they are moved into our grading shed where they are sorted by size and packed ready for delivery. We grade eggs 5 days a week which means that you can be confident that they are as fresh as can be! Every egg laid is stamped with our unique farm code for traceability. All eggs are available either on trays or in pre-packed boxes.

Free Range Classics

The classics are available in Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large

Quail Eggs

We have our own flock of quail here at Low Farm who lay speckled brown eggs which are perfectly sized for salads and canapés. Quail are typical floor-dwelling birds and ours live in a large aviary, enriched with vegetation and obstacles to create the most natural environment possible for our little ladies.

We source our duck eggs from Watercress Lane near Dereham who are a highly established company with years of experience producing delicious eggs. Their commitment to high animal welfare means that you can trust they love their birds just as much as we do!